Fifty Shades of Customer Service

Christian Grey in action at Hylete HQ makes and sells some pretty good work out apparel and gives me a discount because I’m a Soldier.  They do the same for professional trainers, emergency and law enforcement folks too.  40% off suckas.

I ordered a gray shirt which was delayed a bit when I received an email from them.  The personal email said that my order was delayed due to a shipping issue and will be sent the following day.  “No problem,” I thought.

I received an email immediately after that saying that a 20% credit was applied to my account.  That’s cool, I didn’t expect that but I’ll take it.

I ordered a slate colored shirt and received a gun metal shirt the next day.  Fifty shades of ‘Grey’ so to speak.

I replied to the email since it was written by a person, not a machine.  The email also didn’t have a nasty, “Do Not Reply” warning.

The customer service agent quickly replied asking for details so she could stem the problem which may be affecting others.  She also told me to keep the shirt and credited me for another.

After determining the cause of the problem she wrote to thank me for the information and said that she was contacting others affected.

A lot of companies make decent work-out gear. What a lot of companies don’t have is amazing customer service; they do.

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