This guy doesn’t have cable.

Remember Mel Gibson in Brave Heart when he was being persecuted and yelled, “Freeeeedoooom!” in his last dying breath?  That was me yesterday.  I cancelled my cable service.

After years of tyranny and oppression I broke the chains.

That’s right, I’m a free man with $120 extra per month in my pocket.  The cable dictatorship has been shaken by two major advances:  My family’s total disinterest in cable programming and the increased availability of media online.

I was in captivity for years, moving house to house, making the important first calls to activate service at each new locale.  I was addicted.  Not to TV  programming but to having it available.

We rarely watched TV.

The First Step:  The kids watched the occasional show, hand picked by us and always prerecorded via DVR or online streaming. The adults consumed a show or two a week, older seasons or the current season via DVR.  I realized the media conglomerates might be able to shape what we watched but never where and when.  This was the first step to realizing my independance.

The Key:  Thank you Steve Jobs for showing me the way.  Because I am American, I came to understand that I couldn’t live without programming altogether so I needed a mechanism to consume media from my couch while eating chips and salsa.  Steve Jobs provided me with Apple TV, I use Hulu and Netflix to choose what I want to watch anytime; I get news and time sensitive media (like this blog) via any of our several internet worthy devices.

The 40 minute wait on hold with Time Warner Cable was a pleasure.  The consistent call backs to ask me if I was sure I wanted to cancel were invigorating.

“Yes, I’m sure Time Warner, you no longer own me or my people.”


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