Daddy Pig is a bitch. Are you?

The guy on the left is a bitch.

Daddy Pig is a bitch.  He is fat, fairly stupid and seemingly lazy.

My kids watch Peppa Pig which is a pretty good show except for the Dad.  He snorts around and provides little more than comical relief for the family.

Dads, what has happened to our brand?  When did we become the chubby goofy guy who bumbles around from channel to channel contributing little besides money to family growth?

A recent trip to a family water park resort told me that Daddy Pig does exist and he represents our country’s fathers in force.  I saw a bunch of out of shape males milling around searching for the next beer, hopelessly fixated on their smart phones while the family functioned around them; at dinner, they find the nearest television to escape to while mom makes sure the family is fed.

I know real dads are out there.  Many of our readers are real dads, I’ve seen them in action too.

Real dads bring whatever they have to offer to the table at night.  Maybe they ask leading questions about character, maybe they field the few questions that stump mom, they can lead family exercise, or  encourage self reflection; maybe they simply set the example.

Either way, your choice- Daddy or Daddy Pig?

Put down your cell phone and look up.

This shirt was at Walmart for Father’s Day, if you received it you might want to rethink your approach.


  • If i put down the cell I cant read your blog….

  • Dave, you chose to vacation in the wrong spot! Come to Milwaukee and we’ll make you exercise while drinking your beer ( No senseless milling around or hopeless smartphone fixations here. Unless of course you are using your smartphone to “check-in” at all of your destinations. Seriously, come on up. We’ll even treat you like family!

    All joking aside, very good post.

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