Daddy Pig – The Retort

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on my judgmental Daddy Pig post.  In retrospect, I could have been more clear about a few things.

1.  Daddy Pig holds the world record in the pig sport of puddle jumping.  Impressive.  As I concluded in the Romeo Dance Cheetah post, being the best at anything is pretty awesome.

2.   Being a good dad doesn’t mean you have to be intelligent, in good shape or even motivated.  Sometimes you just have to be present.  My wife defended Daddy Pig pointing out that at least he’s not out drinking every night, she also named several dads that are one of the above but still seemingly great dads; point taken.

My daughter pointed out that Daddy Pig once skipped work then fell asleep in a chair reading the newspaper.  My son mentioned that one time when it was raining, Daddy Pig used the umbrella instead of keeping the family dry.  My kids don’t watch a lot of TV so these examples are telling.

Daddy Pig has become a regular term around our house to describe lackluster parenting.  The parents we noticed this weekend sleeping on the beach while their children frolicked in the hurricane driven waves- Daddy Pig.  The dads gathering to talk shop at the ‘family’ event ignoring the rest of the family- Daddy Pigs.  Staying at work too late and checking your e-mail when you get home- Daddy Pig.

The point is, there is a little Daddy Pig in all of us; the best we can do is to beat his swine-ass into submission.

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