Ending Hunger One Whippit at a Time


At my house we have a tradition, usually reserved for holidays and special occasions, with dessert my kids get a direct blast of tasty whip cream from the can.

I realize that this is a less than healthy exercise, but I deemed it acceptable because we only did it once in a while.

Not anymore!  It’s going to be 2-3 times a week now!

I was very pleased to find out that Americans everywhere can start sucking down canned whipped cream without feeling bad.  That’s right, the world’s most obese nation can now contribute to ending childhood hunger while inhaling aerated whole cream and sugar.

Other participating products include snack packs and canned manwich meat.

So look for the pushpin logo indicating the products where childhood hunger ends and start consuming, our nation’s hungry children will be thankful.


For more info:  http://www.childhungerendshere.com/

Thanks to John for the tip.

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