Men: Stop Washing Your Hands After You Drain!

This little guy is just learning the ropes.

You are getting dirtier by washing your hands; especially if you enjoy an automatic flushing urinal at work.

Ahhhh, urine.  So many uses; so little time.  People used to use urine to clean, it’s tough on stains and even said to assist in alleviating athlete’s foot symptoms.

Urine is sterile.

Yes, it’s sterile.  It’s clean.  It won’t make you sick (although according to survival manuals it is not recommended for drinking due to its salt content.)

(See this link to Wiki’s Urine Facts)

So men, why, oh why do we wash our hands after visiting the urinal?

The truth is, unless your just a dirty person (which many of you are), the faucet handle is more germy than your genitalia.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of dirtier things than your genitalia in your office.

You’d be better off washing your hands after touching your keyboard, break room sink or elevator button.

Just walk in the bathroom with your hands (and head) held high, pee, then leave in the same manner.  Don’t be influenced by your disgusted coworker’s glance, it’s he who is disgusting!

Embrace your urine, it’s probably one of the cleanest things you’ll come in contact with today.

For the tough guys that have the sticker of the cartoon character pissing on something they don’t like on the back of their truck; sorry hero.  Calvin is actually cleaning the item that you so despise.

Bold statement Dude, really tough, but piss is clean.
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I had a physician buddy of mine read this post and he verified all the facts.  Be free from societal pressure, don’t wash in that nasty sink!

To avoid germs from all other office sources, you’ll either have to wear gloves or use hand-sanitizer about every 3 minutes.

I know you don’t wash before you brush your teeth….Nasty.

See the a germ study here:


  • Some genatalia might be cleaner than others! And so what if it is sterile, whats wrong with washing your hands anyways?? You dirty heathen!!

    • You’re the nasty one. The sink is so dirty that you get dirtier from the faucet, the soap dispenser and definitely the paper towels.

      You’re urinaphobic.

      • So Dave, what do you have to say about the DWIs (Dick Washer Dudes) in Iraq who-after relieving themselves-feel the need to rinse off off their already sanitary tools in the sink?

        • Exactly my point, humans do things without truly considering the facts. Yes, the DWD are actually getting dirtier and making everyone else dirty as well. All in all, it’s a very dirty country and drinking hand sanitzer may be recommended.

  • 1)You didn’t answer my question. 2) If you feel that way than I dare you to not wash your hands, hair or genetalia until Saturday this week and see what reviews you get, and 3) Stop using big words I can’t even pronounce!

    • I double dog dare you!

    • 1. You should wash your hands in the bathroom if you want dirtier hands, it would be best to use hand santizer at your desk after you’re done touching all of the nastiness.
      2. It’s not about not washing, it’s about washing to get clean as opposed to dirtier. I doubt anyone in class wants to witness the proposed experiment.
      3. Urinaphobic is a word I just created to mean the irrational fear of urine.

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