The Ever Popular Carmel Enema

Picture this hanging off your left ass cheek

Picture this hanging off your left ass cheek

Would it seem weird if someone you knew had a regular habit of sucking down a quart of ice-cream everyday?  What if I said I eat 4 donuts a day?

It  would be odd. It goes against human nature – people, I think, innately know that it is not very good for long-term health to walk around and eat quarts of ice-cream.

Introduce the Starbucks Carmel Flan Frappuccino (CFF) or any other Frappucinno for that matter.  It’s simply one of the worst (legal) daily habits you can do for yourself.

Lets take a comparative look, I’m hoping my chosen comparisons seem preposterous as a daily habit to most people.

A Dunkin Donuts Boston Kreme Donut has 16 grams of sugar.  The Grande CFF? 60.  Quick math says that’s 3.75 donuts worth of sugar.  3.75 donuts a day?  What about just a few times a week?  Terrible.

Mmm, how about some Baskin Robins Chocolate Ice Cream?  Sounds great for an occasional indulgence, right?  170 calories per serving.  CFF?  Twice that at 390 calories.  Who eats two servings of ice cream a few times a week?  If you do, you should stop.

The problem is that the Frappuccino has moved from the treat section of our brains to the daily allowance section. It’s also moving to our asses, gut, hips and thighs.

Just because a Frappuccino is a “drink” and its sold by a coffee place doesn’t mean it’s not like sucking a heart attack through a straw.

Start now, quit the CFFs and use the More and Less Diet.

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