The Golden Feedbag and the Chocolate Muzzle

So I’m reading the third book of the Hunger Games, its a pretty good depiction of a government gone mad.  There is a segment of the population who are the favored group, the well bred.  They are kept “happy,” drunk with gluttony.

I’m reminded of one scene where these people are at a party gorging themselves with the best foods and drink.  On an adjacent table, are small glasses filled with some type of formula to allow you to safely vomit in order to go back to enjoying the food.  In other words, they are no longer limited at the buffet by what they can eat, they can now eat as much and as long as they want.  This, while the rest of the population is starving.

That brings me to this:


This is Golden Corral’s chocolate tower, streaming thing.  It was available at breakfast, notice the cotton candy adjacent to it.

I met at Golden Corral today for a morning class.  First time I’ve been there in years.  Prior to going, my friends joked that we were meeting at the Golden Feedbag and made other references to the absurdity of it all. One thing I didn’t quite expect though, was this.

I’m not saying we’re like to people in Hunger Games, but doesn’t stuff like this ever beg the question?  Do we have too much convenience?  Can we?  How can we send our men and women to two wars with minimal effect on the population like we did over the past 10 years?  Why aren’t more people involved?  Who votes these days?

Maybe a chocolate fountain is the answer.

In Hunger Games the oppressive government kept the people clueless and happy so they wouldn’t ask questions, so they would never ‘want.’

I’ll paraphrase the flyer here, “Join the fun at our never ending cascade of delicious dipping chocolate.  It’s all on our legendary endless buffet.”

Decide for yourself.  Join the heard, watch endless TV, drink, spend and be merry, eat at endless buffets or do something worthwhile – Contribute, make a difference.

I for one, well….um….OK.  See you at the feedbag.  The Banana Pudding was great.


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  • For the first time ever I saw a Golden Corral commercial advertising the chocolate “wonderfall”. Not sure what was more disturbing – the concept of the commercial full of chocolate and cotton candy or all the images of people gorging themselves. But don’t worry, NYC is going to limit soda’s to 16 oz.

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