Romeo Dance Cheetah – US Air Guitar Champion

He’s the best at what he does; can you be the best at what you do?

A few weeks ago I met this dude, stage name: Romeo Dance Cheetah.  He is a marketing guy who specializes in video production.  Pretty good guy it seems.

His boss mentioned that he was a national air guitar champion while we were having lunch.  After thinking about it, I was impressed.

He is the best in our country at what he does.  He trained, he performed and he won.  He went on to the international championship (I think in Amsterdam) but was out gunned.

Not everyone can be the best but we can try.  Maybe instead of trying to be the best and falling short, we should spend time trying to find out what we can be the best at, and then do it.

Either way, accept your lot or try to be the best, your choice.

My hats off to you Romeo Dance Cheetah.

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