Dolphins: Spies like us

In this interview, Tim Bowman of NPR talked about the situation in the Strait of Hormuz.  Adm. Keating commented (without prompting) on the use of dolphins.  These comments sparked a great deal additional interest in the subject.

Even as a guy that believes in the public’s right to know, I think talking about this with NPR only decreases the effectiveness of our dolphin comrades.  I know its not a secret, but now the subject has been discussed a great deal prompting additional research and queries.

I’m sure the Iranians knew before but now its as easy as picking up the morning paper.

Operational security aside, can the Iranians now just smoke these dolphins at will?  Will our political leaders deem this an act of aggression?

The media changes things.  Last week, if an Iranian killed a U.S. employed dolphin no one would probably bat an eye, but now that its in the press and people care about our fishy friends, if a mean Iranian kills a dolphin our politicians are forced to answer.


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