Good Stories Have Endings – Do it for the fish

This fish demands a conclusion to your pitch

This fish demands a conclusion to your pitch

True story, there I was walking down the street and out of nowhere a Green Peace girl jumped out in front of me.  She was nice enough, not very clean but had a cool headband.

I enjoy listening to ‘sales’ pitches if the pitcher has some skills.

She was energetic, passionate about her cause (the eradication of unsustainable fishing). She met me with eye contact and immediately started on the problem (the why). She attempted to appeal to my humanity by talking about friendly Dolphins and Sea Turtles. You might remember, I like Dolphins.

Unfortunately, she got caught up in the moment. She went on about how Dolphins are treated in India (unrelated), how the nets are made (unnecessary), how long these boats spend fishing (unnecessary) and what happens to the turtles when they get caught (good detail if tied to a conclusion). She started strong but ended up all over the map.

She had no pay-off or conclusion, there was no ‘ask.’ The conversation fizzled out and after an awkward minute, I asked, “so what do you want me to do?”

“Join” she said.

“Oh sorry, I liked your story but I just don’t see the connection…and I can’t join terrorist organizations because of my job.” I left and went to Starbucks.

Always end your pitch, brief or delivery with a tangible ending. The payoff, “I told you all this because I want you to do that.” If you do it right, the pay off is apparent and the audience is lining up to help solve the problem.

Join me in the fight against unsustainable conversations.

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