I’m a User

My friends tell me it’s cool.  Everyone does it.  They can’t believe I’m just getting started.

Truth is, I’ve tried it at work before.  I’ve just never tried at home, until last week.

I got a Keurig.

I can remember the coffee milestones in my life.

I remember my first cup in high school; it was nasty, freeze dried instant.

Later, I started drinking gas station cappuccino before the war while at Fort Campbell, KY.

In 2003 it was whatever we could find in Afghanistan.  2006, espresso in Iraq with my buddy D Mattis.

One extended patrol, my guys wired an old coffee maker to a hmmwv, cut a paper towel for a filter and found some grinds to make it happen.

This summer while away from home again, my friend John started pushing Starbucks Via on me.  I’m a cheap bastard, at 75 cents a cup I couldn’t handle it.  They went on sale and I started using again.

After the sale I still had to get my fix, I justified it like this.  K-cups are about 50 cents each, that’s a 25 cent savings per cup.  The Keurig machine cost $104.

The way I see it, after 416 cups the Keurig will have paid for itself.

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