My Red Neck Yacht (Truck) Club

Lot’s of real-estate when you bring your own wheels.

We move every couple of years.  With every move comes an adjustment to a new area and culture, we attempt to assimilate into that culture in order to make the best out of it.  We’ve been in North Carolina for a couple of years now.  We’ve assimilated.

This summer the family and I hit Carolina Beach numerous times.  The ability to drive up to a spot on the beach and camp for a night or two is instant family fun.  No cooler and beach-toy lugging across miles of parking lot and board walk and no uncomfortably close beach towel placement. Camping puts you right on the beach at wake up time so the kids have immediate entertainment while mom and dad search for some caffeinated anti-hang-over cure. 4×4 camping at Carolina Beach is a perfect North Carolina summer weekend.

Marshmallows and chocolate act as a sleep aide when camping.

The corn hole boards were out and the domestic light beer was flowing this weekend.  You see, the North end of Carolina Beach, Freeman Park, attracts a particularly special group.  Four wheel drive only suckas and camping is permitted!  Yeow! (that was written version of the 2012 rebel yell)

Before you put your Subaru in four wheel drive for the first time here are a couple of things you should know:

Bring your TV:  For some reason, the clientel still need the old boob tube at the beach.  Yes Sir, with a small generator or an a/c plug from your truck you can run a TV and satellite set up that will keep you in your seat and ignoring the world around you; ahhh, just like home.

Leather is better:  Don’t worry about the sun screen, a pack of Marlboro Reds and a Bud Light should keep you leathered up enough to provide a impenetrable block from harmful UV rays.

BYOBikin:  No matter your size or age, the rule at Carolina Beach is bring your own bikini.  If the folds allow, show off your tramp stamp too!

Beer and Pizza Provided:  Between hot dogs and trips to Bojangles, you will be happy to know that Brew Thru, Papa Johns and Dominos have four wheel drive too.   That’s right, you can get beer and pizza delivered right to your tent!

With the comedy though, comes community.  The people at this beach are as real as they come.  The nights are safe because of the people.  The kids are safe because of the people.  I am truly a yankee at heart but the people of North Carolina are true to the state motto, Esse quam videri, “To be, rather than to seem.”



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