Useful or Useless? You will only know by knowing

Sexy Mofo for sure, but average height indeed

This post begins a weekly series of disorganized facts, useful or useless- you decide.

Napoleon, the French imperialist, was average height. Napoleon complex for short people?

In the years leading up to World War I nationalistic tensions were on the rise; a war was imminent.  Paramilitary organizations began to pop up throughout Europe.  The Boy Scouts was created in Britain in  January 1908.   World War I began in July 1914.  Boy Scout motto:  Be Prepared.

The name Starbucks comes from Moby Dick’s Captain Ahab’s first mate, Starbuck.  The execs hoped to name the chain “Pequod” after Ahab’s ship but that sounded like shit.

In the American Revolution we were considered insurgents by the Brits.  On a separate note, during and after the American Civil War a real insurgency raged throughout the South; this created a difficult problem for the occupying North.

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