The Best Books I Read in 2012

The Cat in the Hat also endorses these books

The Cat in the Hat also endorses these books

Who am I to publish a reading list?  GFY

Read/listen to these books and your life will be better (no particular order):

Charlotte’s Web, EB White:  Amazing writing and solid characters.  Read this in two days to remember what real writing can be.

Linchpin, Seth Godin:  Listen or read this on your way to work then tell your boss that things are going to be a little different around here.  Stop doing what everyone tells you and do what’s right.  Applies to work, school and life.

Hunger Games:  Not just for teenage girls.  Read this then notice the horrifying parallels to today.  A ruling party, a buried working class and clueless voters.  Good luck society.  After I read Hunger Games 1-3, I read A Clockwork Orange then Fahrenheit 451.  The Hunger Games is an awakening to the best ‘watch out for government’ books of the century.  1984 is next or maybe Brave New World.

A Way with Words (audio lecture by Dr Michael Drout):  An easy to understand approach to rhetoric and language that could change the way you speak and write.  Communication lessons from the study of language, not from a business book.  High list price but $8 for Audible members.

Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman:  Never make a decision the same way again.  Every conclusion in this book cites real research.  Completely counterintuitive which tells me that I’ve learned something.

Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi:  Changed my life, just kidding- this book sucked.  Don’t waste your time.  I’ll summarize it for you: never eat alone, know more people to get more done.  Can I have my $13 back now?

4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris:  His thesis is laid out for all the wrong reasons but the lessons are still great.  Harness technology, market and align priorities to make life work for you.  His approach is somewhat self-fulfilling, mine is a bit more altruistic.

How to Win Friends and Influencing People, Dale Carnegie:  I’m predisposed to be candid and short. WFIP is a reminder of how you can act to make people happy and get what you want.  This is an annual read.

Why this post?  Because I can and I believe in customer reviews and word of mouth.

What are the best books you’ve read in 2012?  Comment or at least tell someone.

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